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Can I use my rival’s branding name in my Google Adwords campaign?

A good Google-Adwords campagne can help you boost your company’s revenue. But can you use your rivals name in your campagne, to boost your branding?

Using your rivals branding name is not exceptional, think about the last marketing campagne of Pepsi or the famous tv-commercial of Apple.

But with Google-Adwords it is different. The aim is to attract visitors to your brand. Google-Adwords allows you to create a targeting campaign to guide visitors to your brand.

As such it’s perfectly possible Apple can make  a campagne about a new laptop, pretending to be Microsoft or Samsung (as an imaginary example). But is this legal? Here’s a check list of what is possible.

  • The use of a rival branding name is allowed with strict conditions
  • The use of a protected brand in your advertorial text and visual link is not allowed without permission.

Of course Google has as well its own rules for misleading campaigns in AdWords.

In it’s own policy Google has its own rules. When revealing your advertorial text on Google there must be a distinct separation between the target and the origin. The product/service may not confuse the enduser.

Further – as mentioned before – the use of rival branding names is not used in the advertorial text nor the visible link. Misleading campaigns will be put offline.

As a last point it is important to differ a registered branding name or commercial name.

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